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Chickens & Birds

Like other pets and animals, chickens and birds need the best foods and supplies in order to remain healthy, happy, and content. We offer a variety of items for your chickens and other birds, from feeders and waterers, to treats, scratch grain, and oyster shells.

Only the best for your feathered friends

We offer organic chicken feed for all size birds. Feed them the best to keep them happy and healthy.

Chicken and

Bird Supplies

Feeding your chickens only organic food is a great way to ensure that they remain happy and healthy. Our variety of organic chicken feed is perfect for all size birds, from baby chicks to full-grown, healthy chickens. We also offer a range of treats, like meal worms, to keep your chickens happy and content.

Organic Chicken Feed

Ask us about our range of chicken supplies and organic feeds. If we don't have it then we'll find it for you.


  • Egg turners

  • Heating lamps

  • Mann Pro-chick starter

  • Meal worms

  • Heated bases

  • Layer crumbles (organic)

  • Layer pellets (organic)